wow, it's been a minute

So, it's been a minute! I just realized that now I can't use tumblr do to internet restrictions at work. It's been a long semester (it ended it MAY LOL). I did get on the Dean's list, which was pretty exciting. Not a lot else is new here in philadelphia. I haven't been buying any lolita and I don't plan on going to Otakon b/c i am trying to save to spend some $ in South Korea. I DO plan on wearing lolita for my trip.My ex roomie lives there so I am going to visit! Hooray.

In other news, I'd like to try to make it up to NYC at least once this summer so if anyone has time on the weekends it would be great to see any of the peeps i know in the area.

I have been a bit down lately but I think the cloud is passing. Saving money can be painful :o

I will share some recent pictures from my cell phone (saved on photobucket LOL).

I hope is all well in Livejournal land. :3



cherry blossom festival

hey ya'll.is anyone going to the cherry blossom festival in philly? i am also on spring break, but i don't have a phone, does anyone want to hang out soon? i miss everyonnnnneeeee~


hello friends, i hope NYC is awesome, i forgot about NYAF AGAIN. It really is because it's just too close to the beginning of my semester. :/

in other news i shirked my responsibilities in organizing a meetup that would have been a ton of fun. why? well a person i was very close to hung themselves a few weeks ago and it touched me in a place that i wasn't sure even existed. he was a friend and a lover and i saw him about 5 days before he decided to take his life. so, it left me with questions and dreams and all of that on top of school. i did write a poem about him but i won't bore you with it.

in other news school is in full swing. it's a good semester but i had to drop japanese. my plan is to take it in the summer at the campus in Japan. so hopefully that works out.

i miss lolita, but i am too broke to afford it these days. i dream of dresses and boots and lovely things but they are too hard for me to pay for. which is poop.

anyway, i hope that i get to see some of you soon and that you all have fun at NYAF. :)

here is a recent crappy mirror pic of me:

i am wearing purple, and it makes me wonder why more lolita isn't made in purple. kelsie, if you are reading this i need to comission a purple skirt from you ASAP. XD
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hey everyone!! i was in LA recently and i thought i would share some pics. i have better shots that my friend took but i really liked these the best of the ones that i personally took. hope you enjoy XD

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hey there. i am in a pickle. the person i was going to go to otakon with is a jerk. i reserved a hotel room and i have preregistered, but now i have no one to go with. is anyone in need of a hotel mate? i have reservations for friday and saturday. i also know this is a long shot but does anyone want to give me a ride? i can chip in for gas. PLEASE HELP ME!!

casual day


hooray for grocery shopping. im all tuckered out now watching SNL commercial parodies. weeee! colon blow. 

not too much else, just sayin hi.

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